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Movie : Iddarammayilatho Telugu Movie Audio Songs
Cast : Allu Arjun , Amala Paul
Director : Puri Jagannath
Music Dorector : Devi Sri Prasad








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Film: Chammak Challo
Starring: Varun Sandesh,Sanchita Padukone,Catherine Tresa,Brahmaji
Director: G. Neelakanta
Producer: DS Rao
Banner: Sri Sailendra Cinemas
Music: Kiran Varanasi
Rating: 2/5

A wannabe filmmaker Kishore, played by Srinivas Avasarala, aspires to make a love story of a different kind. He runs into professor Apparao (Sayaji Shinde) during a morning jog and comes to learn about the love story of Shyam and Anshu, played by Varun and Sanchita, respectively.
Shyam and Anshu fall in love with each other after constant encouragement from their professor Apparao, who has evil intentions deep within. Soon, they get engaged and anticipate living happily ever after. But thanks to fate, Sunaina, an irresistibly hot woman, played by Catherine Tresa, walks into Shyam's life. And before you know it, he starts developing feelings for her. What follows forms the rest of the story.
In the acting department too, you feel that the best of the director was missing. Varun Sandesh and Sanchita as the lead pair struggle in the respective roles. Neither can Sanchita act, nor can she entice with glamour. On the other hand, Varun Sandesh, who by now has become repetitive and boring in corny lover boy roles, should now be open to challenging roles.
We all know why Catherine was cast, don't we? She woos the audience with her glamour, but doesn't even move a muscle when it comes to acting. Sayaji Shinde and Srinivas play their respective parts quite well, while Vennela Kishore gives us reasons to laugh.
Technical Analysis
Cinematography is okay while the musical scores are unimpressive except the Chandamama Pai song, editing seemed to have taken a toll on the film. With tighter editing, the film might have kept the interest in the audiences alive. Screenplay is ineffective and direction is mediocre.
Filmmaker G. Neelakanta, a National award winner disappoints big time in his latest Telugu romantic-drama titled "Chamak Challo". It is that kind of film, which will make you breathe a sigh of relief as the credits roll down.
The film had the potential to be an engaging love story, but even before it could leave an impact, the slackening narrative drains every last ounce of patience from the inside of the audiences.
Come to think of it, "Chammak Challo" has nothing new to offer except for some moments of laughter, which by the way, almost every other film nowadays brings to the table. It is a mirror image of modern day love story - boy loves girl, boy meets extremely hot girl, boy develops feelings for the second girl, boy and the first girl fight over the second girl. Cut to next scene, we have a cliched climax.
Dig deep into the filmography of Telugu film industry; you're very likely to find plenty of films with similar storylines. Having said that, the director takes efforts to narrate the love story of Shyam and Anshu through the eyes of a third person, which in this case is Apparao.
There are too many loose ends in the film. One for instance is Apparao's compulsive desire to make Shyam and Anshu fall in love, is unsatisfying. Romance between Varun and Sanchita is bleak because as long as they are together, they are fine, but appear superficial when they are away from each other. If you are truly in love, then how could you possibly be ruled by propriety when your relationship is on the brink of ending?
Final Verdict
"Chamak Challo" has nothing new to offer except for some moments of laughter…

Film: Pizza
Starring: Vijay Sethupathi,Remya Nambeesan
Director: Karthik Subburaj
Producer: C.V. Kumar
Banner: SK Pictures
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Rating: 3/5

Anu, an aspiring horror-novelist, and Michael, a pizza delivery boy, are happily in love with each other. All is well in their haven until all hell breaks loose. Michael, on one of his home-delivery trips, encounters life changing events, which pave way to some unexpected twists and turns in his own life. What happened to Michael during one of his pizza-delivery trips forms the rest of the story.
Vijay Sethupathi does a smart job as Michael following the directions of Karthik Subbaraj. His performance is natural and realistic.
Remya Nambeesan plays the girl next door role and she is okay. Her makeup could have been better. The track between the lead pair looked artificial. Others were adequate.
Technical Analysis
Pizza is technically brilliant. The sound effects are pulsating and will haunt you for a while. Cinematography is appealing while the screenplay is effective and the narration is gripping. Karthik Subbaraj’s direction is good. Production values of SK Pictures are good.
"Pizza" is a smart and engrossing thriller released in the recent times. The screenplay is gripping and the film has exciting moments while it has explosive climax which makes you awestruck. The film is supported by a slow, but crisp screenplay that may not engage initially, however excites one and all, eventually. Karthik sets the context of the film quite early on, but makes everybody wait long before he introduces some exciting moments in the second half.
The film oscillates between two genres, namely horror and thriller in a way that at all the times audiences either hooked or confused. The director succeeds in keeping the suspense alive throughout until he decides to break it. The actors need no special mention because had it not been for an intelligent screenplay, roles enacted by them wouldn't have made any difference. The second half is the life of the film and the climax is brilliant.
Final Verdict:
"Pizza" is an engrossing thriller, provided you don’t mind watching Tamil nativity films…

Film: Okkadine
Starring: Nara Rohit, Nithya Menon,Nagendra Babu
Director: Srinivas Raga
Producer: C V Reddy
Banner: Gulabi movies Banner
Music: Karthik
Rating: 2/5

Sailaja (Nithya Menon), returns to India on a holiday while her father Sivaji Rao (Sai Kumar), who have a good image among the public and media plans to enter politics. Sailaja comes across Surya (Nara Rohit) when she goes Vizag and gets attached to his family members along with him. However, Sailaja comes to know a twist regarding series of murders which is shocking. Who is Surya and What is the mystery behind series of murders forms the rest of the story.
Nara Rohit proves to be a good performer but his character fades off and doesn’t have any strength. He does satisfactorily in what he was offered.
Nithya Menon looked good and she delivers her best in terms of performance. The actress is charming and expressive.
Sai Kumar is powerful with an amazing on-screen presence,  Sathya Krishna is okay, Brahmanandam and Ali are wasted, Naga Babu is decent, Srinivasa Reddy brings in few laughs. Other didn’t have much scope.
Technical Analysis
Karthik’s musical scores are mediocre while the background score is just okay. Cinematography by Andrew is first class and the film looked colorful. Chintapalli Ramana dialogues lack the needed punch. Srinivas Raga direction is bad and screenplay falters. Marthand K.Venkatesh editing is patchy. Production Values are okay.
Srinivas Raga comes up with an interesting storyline but he fails in its narration. The execution falters with illogical screenplay. Despite many experienced artists in the film, the film fails to grab audiences’ interest. Brahmanandam, MS Narayana, Ali are wasted in uninteresting roles. In fact Nara Rohit’s role fades off with no strength to his role.The scenes are unconvincing and illogical. He could have focused more on screenplay and family drama.
The first half is a bit okay with characters establishment and some family drama while the interval bang is interesting offering some scope, but the second half tests patience with the director’s poor handling of script. Despite an interesting twist in the interval, the screenplay diverts into the conventional and predictable zone of story in the second half while the climax is yet another fail.
Final verdict
Okkadine disappoints with illogical screenplay and dragging narration.

Sonakshi Sinha

Hyderabad: Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, who is debuting in Telugu with Mahesh Babu's film Shivam, is now turning Meenakshi in Tollywood. Wait!!! She is not changing her name in Telugu film industry. But the name of her character in her first Telugu movie is Meenakshi. And director Krish says that he has created this role keeping the Dabangg girl in mind and it will be a tailor-made role for her.
Talking to Times of India, Krish revealed that Sonakshi Sinha would play a girl named Meenakshi in his much-hyped next directorial venture Shivam. He says that he was very much impressed with the Bollywood babe's performance in Dabangg. Especially, her big and beautiful eyes impressed him the most.
"I wrote the script a while back, and to be honest, I had Sonakshi in my mind while I was sketching the female lead. The character, Meenakshi, will have big and beautiful eyes. And when I saw her in Dabangg, I was impressed. Her eyes are mighty expressive, and hold a lot of power," TOI quotes Krish as saying.
However, Shivam would be a big budget movie and producer Ashwini Dutt is investing money on it. Sources claim that the film is likely to be a Tamil-Telugu bilingual. If the news turns true then it will be Mahesh Babu's first straight Tamil film. Talking about its shooting, Krish says that the movie will go on floors with later half of this year.