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Pawan Kalyan Vs Mahesh Babu- Who Is Big?

Written by Prashanth Nagati - February 1, 2012

Big heroes and their demand among the masses has always been a special thing. And in Tollywood, the star frenzy and their power is often in great heights and scales. Now, two men have been ruling the roost in the Tollywood circuit and both have a different graph when it comes to the box office. They are the duo of Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu. So, the point of focus among many cine intellectuals is, who among the two is bigger.

In the case of Mahesh, he scored a hit with ‘Dookudu’ but it had a strong presence of director Sreenu Vaitla’s hand in it. Mahesh also scored a blockbuster with ‘Pokiri’ and ‘Businessman’ but here again, there was a hand of the director Puri Jagannadh. However, that doesn’t mean Mahesh has no contribution of his own. His charisma and his skills as an actor are undoubtedly exceptional. And the following he generates among the youth and female audience is phenomenal. The thing that worked for him was the choice of scripts and the directors.

In the case of Pawan, though he has scored flops in the recent past, the openings have been huge for the first weekend. And if the film gets even a little better talk then it effortlessly gets into a superhit mode. According to certain statistics, few of Pawan’s films which scored flops showed only 30% difference between the collections on first day and last day of screening. And Pawan’s presence if extremely strong among the masses and youth audience, this is one area where Mahesh also finds it hard to compete.

But the fact remains that Pawan is yet to beat Mahesh. Now, it is heard that Pawan is thinking of teaming up with branded and ace directors of Tollywood instead of relying on Kollywood imports. If that happens then the percentage of Pawan scoring a success increases by nearly 40% right at the start. In today’s time, Pawan Kalyan is the only star who can beat Mahesh Babu and all he needs to do is join hands with the likes of a Vytla or Puri Jagan or Rajamouli. Let us wait to see what the future holds in store for both the stars.

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